obviously, you want an obedient dog for security work

compliant, acquiescent, tractable, amenable; dutiful, good, law-abiding, deferential, respectful, duteous, well trained, well disciplined, manageable, governable; docile, tame, biddable, meek, passive, submissive, unresisting, yielding; malleable, pliable, pliant, subservient, obsequious, servile
disobedient, rebellious
obedient; biddable; docile; dutiful; compliant
Children and animals may be expected to obey, but nowadays obedient is seldom used to describe adult human beings without a suggestion that they are allowing someone else to assume too great a degree of authority (are we to believe that Cinderella became the prince's demure, obedient wife?). The critical note is stronger in biddable. A biddable person is excessively meek and ready to obey any instruction, without questioning either its wisdom or the authority of the person giving it (he could barely think for herself, having been so biddable to his domineering parents). Docile (from Latin docilis 'teachable') has similar implications, but in addition to unquestioning obedience it suggests a general reluctance to complain or rebel, even where such behavior would be justified (employers depended on the regime for a cheap and docile workforce). Dutiful may evoke a sneer, suggesting the virtuous, yet dull (his dutiful niece spent most of her life caring for him) or the perfunctory fulfillment of an obligation (a dutiful postcard to his mother). One of the oldest (and still living) meanings of compliant is 'reshaping under pressure' (conversion of the gel to a much less compliant glass). This helps to explain the principal modern sense of the adjective, '(excessively) disposed to agree with others or obey rules' (compliant legislators loyally followed party policy). In the computer age a further sense, 'technically compatible,' has developed (the system is Windows compliant).

Thesaurus of popular words. 2014.


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